Be agile in increasing your vendor base, tackling new geographies and project types

Buyers often struggle to be flexible and agile in scouting for new vendors in geographies they are not familiar with or in which they have little depth. The current trend of “Fast Track” projects is forcing EPC Contractors to reduce the times of each activity performed throughout the entirety of a project. Therefore, reducing the time dedicated to vendor scouting and creation of detailed lists of potential vendors enables Buyers to be ahead of schedule from the very first phases of a project.

The platform contains information on over 17,000 vendors on a global level. This includes both fully registered Vendors who have joined the ecosystem in search of opportunities with new and existing Buyer clients and vendors that have been pre-screened, mapped and added for your convenience by SupplHi’s Market Analyst Team. Vendors are registered within categories of the SupplHi Standard Categorization which, through a common language built with the industry, represents a detailed map of the goods and services present in the industrial value chain.

Joining  this constantly growing network of industry players allows you access to a detailed, focused and accurate set of supply chain data, which is easy to consult and is constantly updated. This can immediately help you, as a Buyer, to strongly enlarge your potential basis of “qualified” vendors helping you to satisfy Local Content requirements and helping you explore new geographies.

Members of the SupplHi ecosystem can further leverage on the Market Compass service, which is a market intelligence tool that provides information on ongoing and planned projects all over the world.  Knowing your market, project types by geography and project statuses can help with decision making by enabling more accurate decisions in less time.

To share a more practical example of how a Buyer has benefited from the SupplHi digital ecosystem: a large European based EPC contractor has recently discovered and contacted over 150 new vendors in one of the ASEAN region countries, increasing its Local Content and therefore its chances of winning a large bid for a project in the area with a local End User.

At SupplHi part of our mission is to create more opportunities, for Buyers and Vendors, and to increase efficiency as a whole. Sharing of accurate information is at the core of our activities.