Prioritize your commercial efforts

The Market Compass tool allows you to prioritize your commercial efforts across the entire Oil&Gas value chain (Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, Fertilizers) by directly targeting specific projects, geographies and clients depending on the size of opportunities of your specific supplies.

The tool has some unique characteristics in a single “actionable” tool to support Business Planning:

  • full global coverage
  • of the entire Oil&Gas industry

Some of the key functionalities are:

  • size your market and recognize the opportunities of your specific supplies, no matter how complex they are. You will be able to know which projects include the highest volume of your supplies and follow the related projects and potential Clients
  • access all listed projects and get all the related information on the operator, contractor, bidders, project’s segment, scope of work and the project’s CAPEX
  • receive timely updates on the ongoing projects, the latest awarded ones, which projects are in the planning phase and the ones in the bidding phase while listing the bidders when it is available
  • prioritize your efforts based on the probability analysis of each project. This will allow you to have a clearer idea on where your next investment shall be and how large are the risks associated with each project
  • have a clearer view on the Oil&Gas Industry by know the stats of the market and its split over the main segments. In addition to that, you can watch how each segment is divided over its micro segments and know more about the end users, operators and contractors with their shares in the market, to facilitate targeting new areas, segments or clients