Gain more opportunities

With the Vendor Passport™, every customer has a complete document that illustrates all the aspects and the fundamental characteristics of his company. This is very important to allow you to have more visibility in a very competitive world. Moreover, with this digital tool, you will be able to have a competitive advantage over your direct competitors.

In fact Vendors are visible to and Qualified by multiple Buyers on a global level.

A lot of Buyers registered on our Digital Platform Ecosystem, continuously require us which Vendors are present on the platform that have made the Vendor Passport™. During the last year VP team made estimates about the interactions between Vendors and Buyers, and the VP team noticed an improvement in the interactions between Vendors that made VP and Buyers.

In fact Vendors can use the Vendor Passport™ such as a Marketing Tool, which allows greater visibility on the Oil and Gas markets. We can considered the Vendor Passport™ the most important tool in the Oil and Gas sector to the opportunities creation.