About Bonatti

Bonatti is a €1 billion international EPC Contractor, focused on Oil&Gas Upstream, Onshore Pipelines and Civil Construction with operations – through established Local Content – in few key geographies in Europe, CIS (mainly KZ), Africa (Algeria, Libya, Mozambique, …) and North America (Mexico, USA and Canada).


The situation

In 2016, Bonatti was looking for a complete digital tool for Vendor Management (Vendor Qualification, Performance Evaluation), to replace multiple systems dedicated to these activities. In particular, Bonatti was looking for a plug & play solution based on international best practices and specific for the plant engineering industry – without the need to design the solution and the processes (categorization, approval processes, performance evaluation mechanism, …). Moreover, Bonatti did not want to charge Vendors with burdensome fees and to burden the existing company process, but rather further improve efficiency for the industry.


SupplHi’s approach

The exclusive adoption of the SupplHi platform for Vendor Management activities of Bonatti’s existing and new Vendors has been implemented within 2 weeks. The fact that SupplHi’s standard model is based on the international best practices and that the platform is as comprehensive as the toughest qualification processes carried out by leading End Users and EPC Contractors enabled immediate adoption.

The SupplHi Team and Bonatti planned and performed 8 invitational campaigns to the free-of-charge Vendor Registrations for the 1.400 main Vendors of Bonatti, spread globally. The SupplHi Team performed constant quality assurance and expediting of all information provided by Vendors.


The results 

Bonatti has been able to immediately leverage on a tool to host and manage the Vendor Management information of its supplier base – effectively outsourcing such Vendor Management activities. Additionally the SupplHi Standard Categorization was a great added value for the Client, as it allowed its users to immediately find Vendors within the right categories of critical equipment and services with about 70% cost savings versus developing an internal system.

“We are extremely satisfied in leveraging on SupplHi for our Vendor Management Processes. The SupplHi platform started with a very accurate and structured product categorization, with a very good focus on our industries. Over the past two years new interesting functionalities were added, together with an always increasing number of vendor subscriptions” said Mr. Federico Lanzini, Head of Qualification and Post Order Department at Bonatti. “It is global and easy to use for all our colleagues spread around the globe, who only need an internet connection to access the service – even in the remote areas where we operate. We are among the first to truly believe in SupplHi and in the power of joint forces among Buyers to scout and select the best possible Vendors on a global and local level. This not only allows us to reduce costs but also to have a larger vendor arena, constantly updated, reliable and compliant with our quality and safety principles.”

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