Milan – September 11th, 2019

In September 2019, the new Corporate Website ( of SupplHi – the Vendor Management platform for industrial equipment and services – has been launched.
SupplHi’s new website is more aligned than ever before with SupplHi’s innovative digital solutions with a focus on the information and resources that matter the most to SupplHi’s users – Buyer and Vendor organizations in industrial B2B.

“We wanted a product-oriented website that reflected the set of innovative solutions provided by SupplHi’s SaaS. As a solution not existing before on the market we had a tough challenge.” – said Burak Sumer, Buyer Fulfilment at SupplHi – “The Corporate Website is our first communication channel before entering our platform and we were looking for a communicative way to let our unique functionalities and benefits emerge.”

SupplHi has been supported by iDNA (, a web agency specialized in realization of websites. “SupplHi has been a case requiring a special effort: the B2B market is specific, with a target population that is very sophisticated and content-oriented.” – said Silvia Maculan, Project Manager at iDNA – “We have been taking care of all steps in the website realization and our goal has been to create a user-friendly browsing experience for SupplHi’s current and new users.”

In order to make the new website effective, some key choices have been made:

– The constant presence of a fixed header and the clear split of pages referring to two separate profiles (Buyer and Vendor) – also leveraging on colour coding – in order to drive users to clear actions (“request a demo” for the Buyer and the start of the “Free Registration” for the Vendor);
– Let the presence of the Standard Model – at the basis of SupplHi’s innovation – constantly emerge across the website;

– The creation of short introductory videos that are a first explanatory support for each of the 15 functionalities of the Platform (10 for Buyers and 5 for Vendors);
– The creation of a new section dedicated to Resources accessible to Users and covering: Blog, Downloads, Case Studies, Videos and the access to all details of the SupplHi Standard Categorization;
– A more structured description of SupplHi around Quality – including details on the ISO 27001 – and Sustainability that are key aspects of the day-by-day at SupplHi, as well a page dedicated page to Partners.