Milano – November 30th, 2018

SupplHi presented alongside Bain&Co., BHGE, Eni, Maire Tecnimont, Rina, SBM Offshore, Schneider Electric and Snam its case study at the “Digitalization and Industry 4.0 workshop” organized by Assomineraria, the Italian Petroleum and Mining Industry Association.

SupplHi’s intervention focused on the role and importance of startups in the digital innovation in Oil & Gas, an industry dominated by large technological players. The presentation touched upon 10 reasons from the SupplHi case and experience in vendor management in industrial B2B.

The presentation is available at the following link, while the 10 reasons are synthetized below:

  1. Creation or upgrading of internal IT systems is an “in house duty” to recover efficiency, while disruptive digital innovation connects users with similar needs across multiple players;

  2. The business model for an industry-wide digital innovation has to deliver value to all players of the supply chain, based on strong flexibility;

  3. Laser focus for a gradual growth, avoid mixing the digital ambition with other activities that may distract or temporarily dilute results;

  4. Independent & shared industryspecific language and processes based on int’l best practices as the backbone for extensive digital adoption;

  5. A fresh & independent digital “white label” can experience larger industry adoption even vs highly reputable and global brands;

  6. Constant openness to collaborations with “best in class” global & local large players – for digital and physical activities in a one-stop-shop solution;

  7. Native system integration with traditional IT tools through an APP & APIbased digital infrastructure, with possibility to “build upon”;

  8. Continuous technological updates are required, including cyber-security to provide integrity to all users: trust as the scarcest digital asset on earth;

  9. User Experience and Communication from the B2C world need to inspire digital innovation in industrial B2B;

  10. A digital innovation Team with a mix of competences and understanding of generational needs that strongly differs from the ones of an Industrial Co.

You can download SupplHi’s presentation at the following link: Assomineraria WS Digitalization Industry 4.0