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The Assessment Visit at Vendor’s premises is the assessment activity required by Buyer organizations for the Qualification of Vendors delivering the most critical equipment or services. It involves all aspects of the business – beyond existing Certifications and Standards. Plan, generate and share reports – also leveraging on leading independent 3rd parties – of your Qualification assessment visits at Vendor’s production locations based on the standard model created by SupplHi.

Unique Features

Plan and track Visits

Plan the assessment visits of the period with evidence of the geographies and type of supplies involved and the expected timing for execution

Select the Assessors

Possibility to select the preferred Assessor among the pool of qualified resources defined by your organization for the specific category of supply.

Involve 3rd independent parties

Possibility to sub-contract the Assessment Visit at Vendor’s premises to a third independent agency with global footprint and capabilities.

Manage the workload

Re-assign at any time the assessment visit activities based on workload and availability of the resources, with proper notification to the users.

Online monitoring

Monitor - at any stage of the assessment visit - the progress of the activities, with visibility on the re-booking of visits and the interactions with Vendors.

Generate Reports

Quickly create the Assessment Visit Report based on the SupplHi template specific for the categories of supply. Possibility to attach evidences from the field, in multiple formats.

Share the Report

Possibility to share the Report with the network of Buyer organizations in order to have access to more Reports already made available across the network.

Internal reporting

Leverage on the standardized internal annual, quarterly and monthly reporting of the activities of your resources involved in the visits at vendors’ premises.

Remote Assessment Visit

Possibility of audio and video streamed in real-time from an Assessment site to a global team, with the streaming recorded for subsequent analysis.

Case Study

Client is a major international Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with its supply chain of 4.000 critical Vendors spread globally.


Client is looking to increase efficiency of the Assessment Visits at Vendors’ premises, globally – freeing up time of the internal resources to perform Continuous Improvement.


Client had multiple practices in delivering Assessment Visits across its global organization, lacking of a standard in accordance to the best international practices.


The possibility to involve independent 3rd parties enables the sharing mechanisms of the Reports among different Buyer organizations and a strong cost reduction.