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Buyer organizations need to be frequently in touch with their Vendor base, e.g. for changes to the T&C, GDPR notifications, clarifications, Local Content assessments, materiality assessments for Sustainability reports, … Launch and manage campaigns on SupplHi to a highly-targeted audience of Vendors – e.g. by category of supply, geography, by Qualification status with your company – to request clarifications or additional information to your Vendors.

Unique Features

Highly targeted population

Apply multiple filters such as category of supply and geography to reach only vendors that are relevant for the scope of your Campaign.

Ready-to-use templates

A number of ready for use templates are made available to Buyers for facilitating the launch phase of the Campaign.


SupplHi allows to launch and monitor massive campaigns only with a few clicks through a quick definition of the target list of Vendors.


Campaigns are tracked in real-time with visualization of the number of emails delivered -or bounced- as well as the number of opened emails.

Easy Tracking of actions

All the actions taken - such as replies to questions or the progress in the Vendor Registration on SupplHi - are visualized by the Buyer organization at any moment.

Support by the SupplHi Team

The SupplHi Team is available to support -when possible, also through translation of the campaign in the local language - to ensure the best outcome of the campaign.

Share results with colleagues

Share results of the Campaign with colleagues on SupplHi. Colleagues can just visualize the Campaign or also edit it.

Campaign launch preferences

Possibility to be CC’d and to CC colleagues in the campaign sent to Vendors as well as to use your company logoto achieve higher success rate in the campaign.

Materiality Assessments

A typical utilization of SupplHi’s Campaign module is related to the materiality assessments for Sustainability reports, based on a standard template

Case Study

Client is a large End-User operating in the Power industry, with a base of 28.000 Vendors spread globally.


Client needs to be frequently in touch with its Vendor base, especially for the mapping of Local Content practices of its Vendors in specific geographies.


The base of Vendors is constantly evolving in each geography and reporting of Local Content metrics requires to reach out to highly-targeted audience of contacts.


By adopting SupplHi, Client saved time of internal resources required to launch, track and report results on Vendor Campaigns in mapping Vendors’ Local Content practices.