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Vendor Information assurance activities are required to make sure the information provided by Vendors is consistent and up-to-date before it becomes visible to Buyer organizations for their Vendor Scouting and Vendor Qualification needs; Access to information provided free-of-charge by Vendors on SupplHi, are made available after the constant quality assurance and expedite of updates by the SupplHi Team. Being free-of-charge for Vendors, SupplHi is inclusive and open to any Vendor in any part of the globe.

Unique Features

Disambiguation of Vendor

The SupplHi Team takes care of linking every Vendor to the ID of a financial data provider to cross-check the basic data to avoid any duplicate, understand the relationship among Vendors and the operational status.

Free-of-charge for Vendors

Vendors do not pay any fee to SupplHi for the hosting and quality assurance of information that they provide to Buyers. This ensures inclusiveness to any Vendor in any part of the globe.

Quality assurance

The information provided by Vendors on SupplHi goes online only after the quality assurance by the SupplHi Team with full traceability of the actions on the specific information.

Support in local languages

To better engage with local Vendors in remote geographies, SupplHi platform’s interactions with the Vendors are performed in English as well as in the local language.

Constant expedite of updated info

The SupplHi platform constantly notifies the Vendor - via platform and emails – on the next expiring information. Updates go online only after SupplHi’s quality assurance.

Online monitoring

The percentual progress of the information to be provided by Vendors is tracked and made easily available online to the Buyers.

Shared among multiple Buyers

Majority of information provided by Vendors on SupplHi are shared across all Buyers leveraging on the platform – creating an incentive for completeness, quality and constant update of the information.

Standard Model, with flexibility

The information requested by SupplHi to Vendors is based on the best international practices. However, additional questions may be addressed to the Vendors to satisfy needs of a specific Buyer organization.

Matching of Vendor IDs

At platform setup phase, all your Vendor IDs are matched with the SupplHi ID – ensuring alignment with the ERP. After that, constant synchronization of IDs can be provided manually or through a dedicated API.

Case Study

Client is a leading international EPC Contractor in the Oil & Gas Downstream industry with annual revenues in excess of 3$ Billion.


Client leverages on an internal vendor management system where information provided by Vendors on questionnaires is not checked before the Approval by senior resources.


Cost of performing with internal resource the Vendor Information assurance activities on its 24.000 Vendors is not sustainable at current market conditions.


65% of Client’s Vendor base was already found to be on SupplHi, taking advantage of the network effect and of the Vendor Information assurance performed by SupplHi for all users.