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An industry-shared Vendor Performance Evaluation system delivers higher transparency, reliability and assurance of the entire supply chain. Access to vendor performance evaluations aggregated across multiple Buyer organizations and communicated to Vendors in order to drive improvements. Since 2018 – SupplHi is piloting the definition of a safe industry-shared Vendor Performance Evaluation system – also assessing the utilization of Blockchain technology – that creates value for both Vendors and Buyers.

Unique Features

Common language

The utilization of the same SupplHi methodology and system for the collection of Vendor Performance Evaluations allows the sharing of comparable information among different Buyer organizations.


As part of the “Golden Rules” of the network two approvals are required within each Buyer organization to ensure objectiveness. A minimum of three observations by three different Buyer organizations are required to ensure anonymity and relevance

More information on Vendors

More data points on a specific category of supply of the Vendor allow data to reach statistical relevance, visualizing trends and reducing confirmation bias within Buyer’s organizations.

Information on new Vendors

Buyer organization have access to Vendor Performance Evaluations also on vendors without direct experience with their organization, including sub-vendors (e.g. foundries, forges, …)..

Used by the entire supply chain

Buyers from all over the world and of all sizes and of all supply chain levels (End-Users, Contractors, Component Manufacturers, Service Providers, …) contribute with their Evaluations.

Shared with Vendors

The aggregated Evaluations are shared with the Vendor helping it to know where to grow to better satisfy buyers’ needs and understand its relative positioning in the category of supply.

Increase supply chain transparency

Buyer organizations – by sharing their Evaluations – influence the entire supply chain by increasing transparency and guidance for Vendors’ growth and help mitigating risks of the industry.

Clustered Evaluations

The tracking of the Buyer organization, project and business function that left the Evaluation help to aggregate the results in clusters (e.g. supply to Renewable Projects for SME Buyers) to improve readability.

Voice to the Vendor

Vendors are able to leave comments regarding their corrective actions being put in place. This way, Buyer organizations gain further insights into why the Vendor is performing in a certain way.

Case Study

Client is an End-User of Power Plants with operations mainly in Southern Europe and 3000 employees.


Client is looking for a tool to increase the performance of its supply chain, by communicating the areas of strengths and weaknesses to each Vendor.


Individual Vendor Performance systems have an extremely low number of data points and information is collected only on Vendors that have direct experience with Client.


The result of the SupplHi Performance Evaluation’s industry-shared tool are communicated to Vendor in order to drive its improvements.