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The Vendor Qualification process is the evaluation of the suitability of the potential Vendor to deliver equipment and services in compliance with the Buyer Organization’s requirements. Manage and track all your Qualification evaluation and approval processes related to a Vendor in a specific category(ies) of supply and production location(s). During setup, Buyer organizations can decide whether to manage Qualifications with their own categorization of equipment and services and questionnaires.

Unique Features

Your Qualification model

At setup, Buyer organizations decide whether to manage Qualifications with their own Categorization of equipment and services and Questionnaires or to fully leverage on the SupplHi Standard Model.

Your Qualification actors

Easily assign and maintain updated on SupplHi your Evaluators and Approvers, differentiated by category of supply, capability area of assessment (e.g. Engineering, Quality, …), division or company.

Quality Assurance

Qualification processes strongly rely on information provided by Vendors. Perform your qualifications on data already quality-assured and kept constantly updated by SupplHi, a third independent party.

Production Locations

Possibility to qualify your Vendors of equipment at production location level – particularly relevant in case of multinational companies with multi-country product execution strategies.

Qualification of re-sellers

Re-Sellers are evaluated through a specific Qualification template with possibility to link the Qualification of the OEM to the re-seller (e.g.: branches of large groups; dealers; stockings).

Extend existing Qualifications

Possibility to extend an existing Qualification of a Vendor to adjacent categories of supply, saving time to perform the full Qualification process.

Dashboards and easy reporting

Easily track the Qualification to always know where the process is standing by and the actors involved. Possibility to issue a Certificate to the Vendor at the end of the process.

Full traceability

To support your internal Compliance needs, the SupplHi platform ensures traceability of all activities related to the Qualification process through a “Log of actions”.

Easy export into your ERP

The output of the Vendor Qualification process can be constantly synchronized with your ERP system through a dedicated API made available by SupplHi.

Case Study

Client is a $1+ billion international General Contractor with operations in Europe, CIS, Africa and North America.


Client is looking for a Vendor Management system to cover the full cycle, from Vendor Scouting to Vendor Qualification management and Vendor Performance Evaluation.


Not having a previous internal system, Client needs a solution easy and quick to deploy, and based on international best practices specific for the plant engineering industry.


In 2 weeks, Client is able to leverage on SupplHi to manage its international supplier base – improving efficiency and compliance, without burdening the existing company processes.