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Vendor Scouting activities are performed by Buyer organizations – frequently on a spot basis – to identify a list of potentially suitable Vendors for new categories of supply and/or new geographies – also to satisfy Local Content needs – or to provide higher turnover to existing vendor bases. Access to Vendors’ basic information that are immediately available on the SupplHi platform across the geographies and categories of supply of your interest.

Unique Features

Specialist in industrial B2B

SupplHi is uniquely focused on the $900B / year market for B2B equipment and services, at global level. We just care to capture the finite number of all Vendors that are relevant to B2B industrial supplies.

All types of supplies

SupplHi covers all types of equipment and services - for onshore and offshore activities in the broad plant engineering industries - including indirect purchases.

Search globally using comparable data

Through an existing base of 32.000 Vendors from 110 geographies - being continuously enriched - the SupplHi platform can accommodate your most challenging needs.

Build precise searches

Your searches leverage on the accuracy of the 2.500 categories of the SupplHi Standard Categorization for industrial equipment and services that reflect market’s competition.

Connected to existing Standards

Information on the SupplHi platform is linked to the existing Technical and Quality Standards (e.g. API, ASME, ISO, …) to filter by Vendors that better suit your requirements.

Focus on Vendor’s experiences

SupplHi allows Buyers to consult Vendors’ references in each category of supply and the list of the existing Qualifications with other Buyer organization - as declared by the Vendor.

All information in one place

No need to perform additional searches – SupplHi is complemented with constantly updated financial and compliance data by international data providers.

Prioritize your scouting efforts

Possibility to easily assign levels of priority (High, Medium, Low) to the scouted Vendors – also to address potential additional steps (e.g. qualifications, RFX, …).

Faster and cost effective

The presence of existing information on SupplHi ensures an immediate satisfaction of your scouting needs, freeing up time of your colleagues.

Case Study

Client is the owner and operator of an offshore LNG regasification plant in Europe.


Client is willing to enhance the current list of its Vendors across very specific offshore-related services (e.g. offshore catering, marine environmental monitoring activities, …)


Potential Vendors should have references in the Oil&Gas industry for specific categories of supply and satisfactory financial strength.


No traditional solution on the market grants for independent and comprehensive results as SupplHi, able to immediately triple the number of Vendors relevant for the Client.