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The information provided by the Vendor Registration is the basis for a Buyer’s better understanding of Vendor’s competences on each category of supply. Vendor Registration – as a sort of pre-qualification – covers, among others: categories of supplies, production locations, references, product and Quality certifications, HSE statistics, organization, contacts. Registration on SupplHi is free-of-charge for any Vendor.

Unique Features

Free-of-Charge for Vendors

Registering on SupplHi as well as getting assistance from the SupplHi Team is completely free-of-charge for Vendors of any dimension and from any geography, for always.

Covering all types of supplies

Vendors pick their supplies among the 2500 categories of the SupplHi Standard Categorization that cover of all industry needs.

Shared among Buyers

The Vendor Registration on SupplHi is shared among multiple Buyer organizations, letting Vendors save time and resources

Online monitoring

The percentual progress of the information to be provided by Vendors is tracked and made easily available online to the Buyers.

Notifications of updates required

SupplHi platform automatically tracks the expiry date of information provided and timely notifies the interested Vendor to update it.

Full traceability

The SupplHi platform ensures traceability of all activities related to the Registration process through a “Log of activities”.

Save time

Information provided on SupplHi is made visible to all Buyers leveraging on the platform, helping Vendors to save time by providing information only once, with quality.

Gain international visibility

Through a complete and constantly updated profile, Vendors achieve more leads and Qualifications through SupplHi, at a global level.

Quantify your visibility

Know the relevance of your Vendor company profile, including the number of views in the last months and the geographical footprint.


Case Study

Client is a Middle Eastern SME company – 50 million USD revenues – operating in the field of design and build of pressure equipment for the Chemical and Oil&Gas industries.


The Vendor has been invited by a European Buyer to register free-of-charge on SupplHi in order to enter its list of Qualified Vendors.


The Vendor has a long tradition working with Middle Eastern clients but has limited exposure to European clients operating in the Middle East and Africa.


Through SupplHi, the Vendor gained visibility towards a new Buyer that was developing an Upstream EPC project in Algeria and that resulted in a $1.1M new order received.