In October 2018, SupplHi opened its new Technology Centre within the “Luigi Danieli Science and Technology Park” in Udine, Italy. Focus of the SupplHi Technology Centre is on supporting the digital technology infrastructure behind SupplHi’s innovative solutions.

Technology is a key enabler to drive SupplHi’s innovation and deliver best-in-class solutions to its global client base. The internal Technology Team, responsible for both the maintenance of the current platform and the new developments and functionalities that are being added, is constantly growing and looking for talents.

The initial focus of the Technology Centre will be around: the evolution of the back and front end of the existing platform, a review of its infrastructural architecture, the development of tools for system integration for our partners and clients, the creation of dedicated Apps, and also R&D activities for new technologies (machine learning for the management of the categorization of goods and services, Blockchain for vendor rating system, …). All this in accordance with SupplHi’s digital development strategy, defined in the company’s business plan. In fact, this continuous scalability will also allow for entry into new industrial market segments.

The Technology Team at SupplHi provides design, development assistance and maintenance to all IT systems (platform, digital services, …). The main responsibilities covered are the following:

  • Design the architecture of new IT modules
  • Continuously develop the IT infrastructure and functionalities
  • Perform routine maintenance and security checks on all systems
  • Research new technologies and develop prototypes
  • Continuously improve UX
  • Solve system and application problems

The structures of the Luigi Danieli Science and Technology Park in Udine are managed by Friuli Innovazione (, which was founded in 1999 following an initiative of the University of Udine, Confindustria Udine, the Centro Ricerche Fiat, Agemont, the Union of Industrialists of Pordenone and the Fondazione CRUP (now Fondazione Friuli), with the aim of fostering collaboration between the University and the Friulan economic system.

Today’s areas of focus by Friuli Innovazione are oriented towards some of the main strategic sectors for the economy and the regional research system (ICT, Additive Manufacturing, Metallurgy and Surface and Advanced Materials Technology, Energy and the Environment, Biotechnologies), but they are also looking abroad, more and more, through participation in European projects and other initiatives that favour the internationalization of companies and Friulan talent.

For example, in October 2018 the Additive FVG Square was inaugurated at Friuli Innovazione. This is the first centre in the region where leading companies of regional engineering are able to use and experiment a system for industrial 3D printing of metallic material.

SupplHi looks forward to continuing its collaboration with other partners, universities and clients present on the local territory. You can check SupplHi’s company profile on Friuli Innovazione’s webpage at the following link:

For jobs at our SupplHi Technology Centre, please consult our page: