Solving the issue: Vendors struggling to showcase their track record and expertise

The Vendor Registration highlights references, existing qualifications and the soundness of a vendor’s business. Quality Assurance is provided by SupplHi and info can be updated at any time.

The Vendor Registration is composed of 10 main areas, 9 of which contain mandatory fields and one is optional. It does not go too deep into detail as it is a generally regarded by Buyers as a pre-qualification step. Nonetheless, it is able to give a comprehensive snapshot of a Vendor’s capabilities and track record. Of the 10 areas in the registration process the ones of main focus are:

  • Categories of supply
  • References
  • Existing client Qualifications
  • Company Structure
  • Financials
  • Quality
  • HSE

With this array of information Vendors can really give Buyers a comprehensive idea of their core competences, solidity, market coverage and compliance among others.

Furthermore, the searching engine used by Buyers on the platform is based on Categories and References. These two central elements really allow a Vendor to showcase its track record and true capabilities.

Thanks to SupplHis industry and category specific pre-qualification process, Buyers know they’re choosing from suppliers who can meet their standards, no matter how demanding.

To enhance Vendors’ performance and share trust throughout the supply chain at SupplHi we provide quality assurance every step of the way.


Note that the Qualification process equivalent is embodied by the Vendor Passport TM service, which is delivered in collaboration with the technical partner Lloyd’s Register. This goes more in detail with respect to the Vendor Registration and part of the final Report includes information gathered by a Lloyd’s Register Senior Assessor during the assessment visit at the Vendor’s offices and manufacturing plants.