About Adriatic LNG

Terminale GNL Adriatico Srl, also known as Adriatic LNG, operates the regasification LNG terminal located offshore Italy, in the northern Adriatic Sea. Founded on May 2, 2005 and owned by Qatar Petroleum, ExxonMobil and Snam, Adriatic LNG is now a fixture of the Italian industrial landscape, with about 125 employees located in three sites:  Milan, Porto Viro (Rovigo), and the offshore terminal.


The situation

Adriatic LNG is looking to enlarge the current list of Vendors across very specific offshore-related services (e.g. offshore catering, maintenance of the continuous atmospheric emission monitoring system, marine environmental monitoring activities, …)

Potential Vendors should have:

  • references in the Oil&Gas industry in the specific categories of supply;
  • a satisfactory financial strength. 

No traditional solution on the market granted for independent and comprehensive results:

  • ATECO codes used by financial data providers generates a too large list of Vendors, not necessarily relevant for ALNG
  • Google searches are too generic and with results driven the Search Engine Optimization
  • Existing industry-specific platforms have barriers to entry for Vendor Scouting activities due to entry fees requested to Vendors


SupplHi’s Approach

SupplHi formalized a list of ~70 categories of supply with Adriatic LNG.

SupplHi’s innovative approach grants for independent and comprehensive results, mainly due to:

  • The industry-specific Standard Categorization of industrial equipment and services that matches with ALNG’s internal categorization;
  • The digital platform that allows Vendors from any geography and category of supply to register free-of-charge – making it inclusive and fair;
  • The Quality Assurance of the SupplHi Team on the information provided by Vendors
  • The network effect, being used by other large and international Buyer organizations (End Users, Contractors, manufacturers, …);
  • The partnerships with financial and compliance data providers.


The results

The access to the SupplHi platform allows to immediately triple the number of Vendors relevant for the ALNG’s specific needs and to monitor the categories of supply during the next year.