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About SupplHi

We Share Trust


To organize information on Vendors for compliant and efficient processes that move forward the B2B world.

SupplHi increases transparency, efficiency, compliance and opportunities while reducing costs for all.

We Build Trust.



SupplHi is world’s best platform for the management of Vendors of B2B industrial supplies, based on international best practices to satisfy the most demanding customers.

SupplHi is based on international best practices to satisfy the most demanding companies and users.

Through its standard and industry-shared cloud-based platform SupplHi allows: Buyers to understand who’s able to supply a specific equipment or service and how good is each Vendor; Vendors of all sizes to reach new customers around the world through increased visibility.



Competence to deliver the highest quality in the smallest detail also leveraging the best technology

Simplicity in the way of thinking and delivering standard solutions for a complex world

Pioneering to make industry trends come true

Passion for what we do for each of our customer

Transparency in every aspect of our activities

Where we play: Industrial B2B

SupplHi has a focused approach on the $900B / year global market for critical B2B equipment and services for plant engineering, at global level. Procurement can reach up to 80% of the revenues and Vendor Management is key to:

  • Avoid sub-performing vendors;
  • Manage Vendor Compliance and Supply Chain Sustainability across very long supply chains;
  • Scout for new Vendors.

Plant engineering involves a large set of industries frequently and partially sharing the same vendor base.

  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemicals
  • Conventional Power
  • Renewables
  • Marine
  • Steel & Metals
  • Cement
  • Mining
  • Infrastructure
  • Rail & Transport
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Media & Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Pulp & Paper


SupplHi is committed to sustainability and recognises that its business activities interact with the environment in a variety of a ways – in particular in terms of energy use and the generation of waste. We recognise that we have a responsibility to help protect the environment wherever it has an opportunity to do so, to be a responsible neighbour, and to provide a comfortable environment for its employees to work in.

SupplHi is a member of the GRI Community and supports the mission of GRI to empower decision makers everywhere, through GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards and its multi-stakeholder network, to take action towards a more sustainable economy and world.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a declaration of the rights and the duties of SupplHi toward all its stakeholders: clients (including the measurement of customer satisfaction), colleagues, partners, public administrations, associations, local communities and the environment. Compliance with the Code of SupplHi’s directors, auditors, managers and employees is of paramount importance. SupplHi promotes knowledge of the Code among all the stakeholders and accepts their constructive contribution to the Code’s principles and contents. Moreover, SupplHi adopted an Antitrust Compliance Program for the exchange of information among competitors, in line with European and national best practices and as an integral part of the company culture and policy.


Global Coverage

SupplHi is 100% online and accessible from any part of the world. Furthermore our network of international Partners supports our local operations in more than 100 geographies.



The SupplHi Partners Program provides a framework for how SupplHi creates value with other leading organizations – at international and local level.


Our Offices

Head Office: Via Arcivescovo Calabiana, 6 | 20139 Milano, Italy

Technology Centre: Via Jacopo Linussio, 51 | 33100 Udine, Italy