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The problems we solve

SupplHi is an unconventional approach to very traditional and recurring problems. On average, more than 50% of a company revenues are supplies that require constantly updated visibility on what and how a Vendor is able to deliver.

Growing Business requirements


  • Measurement of ESG Sustainability of Suppliers (respect of human labor rights, CO2 emissions, …)

In Country Value

  • Vendor Scouting in new geographies and categories of supply


  • Respect of industry standard in terms of Vendor Management processes
  • Quality assurance of information provided by Suppliers
  • Automatic Vendors’ Compliance checks (Sanction Lists, PEP, Adverse Media)
  • Management of constantly updated Approved Vendor List (AVL)

Digital Transformation

  • Cyber-security of Suppliers’ portal
  • Easy system integration with ERP and other systems
  • Vendor Master Data and Vendor Golden Records as single source of truth
  • Vendor Data Control Tower for automatic Risk assessment
  • Fast system to collect timely Vendor Performance Evaluations

Cost efficiency

  • Less time by colleagues involved in Vendor Management processes
  • Cost effective Assessment Visits at Vendor’s premises
  • Planning of the next purchases for Category Management


SupplHi Purpose and Values

SupplHi is an independent one-stop Vendor Management SaaS focused on B2B equipment and services.
SupplHi’s purpose is to allow companies from all over the world to implement their supplier base management processes in the most efficient and compliant way, in accordance with the best international market practices and in a way that move forward the B2B world.
Every aspect of what we do is characterized by four Values:

  • Passion for bringing continuous innovation to the industrial world and to its people
  • Competence focused on the industrial world, to deliver the highest quality in the smallest detail
  • Transparency of our operations and in our people’s behaviour
  • Simplicity in the way of thinking and delivering standard solutions for a complex world

How SupplHi works

SupplHi is 100% online and accessible from any part of the world. SupplHi provides a robust and scalable digital infrastructure that allows users to store and share info in a secure and certified way, based on constantly updated technologies and with strong focus on cyber security. SupplHi platform is 100% on cloud. The hosting is based on Amazon Web Service (AWS) – on European servers – this means access anytime, from anywhere, without the need to download or install any software, and no long waits for new features.

SupplHi is the unique combination of 4 elements:


SupplHi operates by B2B verticals with Buyers sharing the same needs and willingness to drive efficiency across their supply chain

Buyers invite their Vendors to join for free


Efficient and Compliant Vendor Management processes and categorization based on the international best practices, yet customizable for larger clients

Collaborations with Associations


SupplHi takes care of vendor disambiguation, quality assurance, expedite of info and much more – letting you save time and money


Cloud-based and modular SaaS covering all needs in a single platform

Secure, ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO27018-certified


Environmental, Social and Governance aspects are at the core of SupplHi’s effort in raising the bar in its value chain of B2B equipment and services. Sustainability-related aspects in such industries are nothing new but require a new approach and commitment by all players. Among others, SupplHi is giving its contribution with the Supply Chain ESG Sustainability Assessment module.

Contact Us

Head Office: Via Arcivescovo Calabiana, 6 | 20139 Milano, Italy
Technology Centre: Via Jacopo Linussio, 51 | 33100 Udine, Italy