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FAQ for Buyers

SupplHi is based on a standard model derived by the most demanding international best practices in the industrial world and is designed to satisfy all your potential Vendor Management needs. In fact, it the initial setup a series of elements are fine tuned to better fit your company objectives.

If a specific need is not present and can be considered as a shared industry need, SupplHi will incorporate your comments in the next release of the cloud system and make it available to all users. As a consequence, SupplHi does not require any further customizations.

The Vendor Passport was built to be standardized but at the same time is fully flexible to accommodate individual needs. Therefore, if you have any particular needs, we will be happy to accommodate them at a competitive pricing because most of the information requested will be also included in the standard assessment. We aim to continuously improve the standard through our catering for specific needs.

Yes, it is possible to perform all the Vendor Management activities (e.g. Vendor Qualification, Vendor Performance Evaluation, …) based on your categorization of equipment and services. However, it is not an encouraged practice since it involves additional costs and is preferred only by larger Buyer organizations. In any case, in the setup phase the SupplHi Team creates a matching table between your and SupplHi’s categories.

A company can registered on SupplHi both as Vendor and Buyer, however in this case two different colleagues will be assigned as Super Users (one responsible for the Buyer side, the other for the Vendor).

FAQ for Vendors

The Vendor Registration – valid for all types of supply – is the first step of your interaction with the SupplHi platform. The SupplHi Team validates your information before making your profile accessible to the Buyer organizations that leverages on the tool. The Vendor Questionnaire – that differ by type of supply – is a more detailed set of information that you may provide and is used by Buyer organization to perform the Qualification process for your company.

SupplHi’s role in Vendor Qualifications is limited in providing the digital system to collect the information by Vendors, in performing quality assurance of the information collected and in requesting the constant update of the information that expires. The evaluation of the Vendor Questionnaire and the decision on Qualifications are all at the discretion of each Buyer organization that leverages on the system.

SupplHi’s role in Vendor Performance Rating is limited to provide the system to Vendors to rate their Buyers. The evaluation of the Vendor Performance are all at the discretion of each Buyer organization that leverages on the system.

No, Questionnaires are pre-compiled for questions you have already answered previously in other Questionnaires on SupplHi, helping you to save a great deal of time. Only in case of presence of Buyer-specific questions further information will be required.

Vendors can gain more visibility and increase their chance to get Qualified by providing and continuously updating all their information on the platform. For example, the more references you provide on previous supplies the better in terms of visibility. In order to help you on this, SupplHi automatically tracks the validity of your information and notifies you – via platform and emails – on expiring information.

Moreover, it is also possible for Vendors registered on SupplHi to self-candidate for Qualification processes of Buyer organization leveraging on the SupplHi system.

Vendor Registration, Vendor Questionnaire and an eventual Qualification as well as online support by the SupplHi Team during these phases are all free for Vendor companies. All costs are up to the Buyers that leverage on the SupplHi system.

The additional solutions by SupplHi can be subscribed separately, at a standard cost. In particular, this is the case of the Vendor Passport and Market Compass solution.

A growing number of international Buyer organizations are leveraging on SupplHi for their Vendor Management needs. You can find some of their logos on the home page of SupplHi.com and have access to their specific Qualification processes once completed the free-of-charge Vendor Registration.

No, SupplHi takes cares of giving access to your information only to the Buyer organization that are eligible to it. This excludes the

Four types of companies can register on SupplHi: Companies that are not part of a group, Group of companies, Joint Ventures and Consortiums.

Both Traders and Manufacturers can register.