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A universal language at the heart of the platform, built with the industry.

We believe that the sharing of a common language in a highly diversified industrial value chain of equipment and services is of fundamental importance for all the involved parties.

To date it is common to encounter efficiency losses deriving from the co-existence of different nomenclatures which were born from the widespread practice of calling the same equipment or service with different names.

The categorization is globally valid, designed to reflect market’s competition (“what the buyer needs to know to find the right suppliers“), connected – when possible – with the existing standards and kept updated based on constant evolution of market needs and technologies.

1. Heat Transfer Equipment and Vessels

2. Heating Equipment and Systems

3. Packages

4. Handling Systems

5. Valves

6. Control Systems and Instrumentation

7. Telecommunications

8. Pumps

9. Compressors

10. Turbines

11. Piping, Fittings and Flanges

12. Civil and Structural Materials

13. Electrical Components and Systems

14. Engines, Motors, Generators and Drives

15. Safety Systems, Equipment and Clothing

16. Machine Tools

17. Raw Materials

18. Manufacturing Works

19. Shipbuilding

20. Subsea Equipment

21. Components and Systems for Vessels

22. Components and Systems for Offshore Activities

23. Marine and Diving Equipment and Services

24. Marine Contracting and Installation

25. Exploration

26. Reservoir Management

27. Drilling Services

28. Drilling Equipment and Materials

29. Well Completion

30. Engineering Services

31. Engineering, Procurement and Construction

32. Construction and Civil Works

33. Fabrication

34. Painting, Coating, Insulation and Sound Proofing

35. Site Services

36. Testing and Analysis

37. Operations and Maintenance

38. Chemicals, Catalysts, Reagents and Fuels

39. Workshop and Laboratory Tools

40. Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation

41. IT and Digital

42. Logistics

43. Professional Services

44. Facility Management

45. General Services