Milan, November 17th, 2022

In the Spend Matters® Fall 2022 SolutionMap SupplHi achieved an impressive positioning across all the Personas (SME – MID – LARGE – RISK) ranking among the best Value Leaders in the “Supplier Relationship Management and Risk” (SXM) category.

In comparison to the Spring2022 edition, the second time SupplHi was featured by SpendMatters in the SolutionMap, SupplHi is now also present in the RISK Persona, a category identifying “Solutions designed to manage third-party (supplier) governance, risk and compliance”, which was not previously included in the evaluation of SupplHi’s capabilities.

Spend Matters is a global content community and hub with over 15years of existence in the procurement sector. It publishes the SolutionMap twice a year, and the Fall edition of the SolutionMap is the second and last for 2022. Based on roughly 1000+ functional requirements across the source-to-pay and services procurement technology spectrum, SolutionMap reliably benchmarks market-leading solution providers using equal parts customer- and analyst-based scoring inputs.

The press release on the 2022 Fall edition of Spend Matters SolutionMap can be read on their website, where you can also download a free copy of the SolutionMap. 


The Fall 2022 SolutionMap (below) shows how SupplHi, at its third participation in the SolutionMap, reconfirmed its position as the best Value Leader in the “Supplier Relationship Management and Risk” category for the SME and MID personas – respectively with <$100M/year and $250M-$1B/year revenues.

Such positioning demonstrates the high configurability of the software and the subsequent quick deployment possibility, both being highly sought-after qualities in Vendor Management software. Moreover, the availability to host and support multiple types of content and multiple regions are also features taken into careful consideration and evaluation both by Spend Matters’ analysts and customer users.

In this edition, SupplHi also positioned itself in the top-right corner for both LARGE personas, with revenues >$1B/year, and RISK personas, as a testimony to the advanced functionality, complex deployment and global services and support. To qualify in the top-right quadrant at the first time participating in the RISK persona analysis is a great result for SupplHi, whose solution focuses on increasing efficiency and compliance across all vendor management processes and monitoring third-party risks stemming from the supply chain.

Achieving above-average scores from both the analysts and the customer feedback, SupplHi was able to position itself among the best value leaders, a true testimony to the hard work put into developing and expanding the capabilities of the tool in the six months since the previous assessment cycle.

To SupplHi, this is a special recognition, as it shows appreciation and understanding of the potentialities of our innovative Vendor Management platform as well as of the strategic development that we are putting into place.



Spend Matters SolutionMap is the tool that allows companies to understand and easily scout the latest technology advancements and whether or not they represent the asset they need to streamline internal processes. Built on deep analysis and comparisons, the SolutionMap is an effective ranking of the existing solution providers, as it offers rankings of a technology within the procurement and supply chain spectrum, it is composed in equal parts of customer and analyst input, it is built considering different organizational needs, analysed as ‘buying personas’ and is updated semiannually to reflect the latest market developments.

The methodology implemented in the SolutionMap is a unique combination of scores provided by internal Analysts and Customers using the technology under evaluation, with the latters being asked to provide precise feedback on the user experience and validity of the tool. To participate in the process means to undertake a long and intense questionnaire based on a rigorous, data-centric functionality assessment process leveraging over 500 RFI requirements across 10 source-to-pay modules and suite technology categories, as proudly explained by SpendMatters.

The SolutionMap, according to its creators, is the perfect tool to allow procurement professionals “to comprehensively benchmark available solutions against their own buying needs using the persona-based approach, as well as to pinpoint the actual capabilities of each participating vendor”.



Spend Matters, which started over 15years ago as a blog and social media site, is a global content community and hub in the procurement and supply chain sector. Throughout the years it has evolved to become a leading source for data-backed technology and solutions intelligence. Working with both private and public sector organizations, as well as consultants, private equity and other solution providers, Spend Matters offers a solid tool for supporting critical technology-purchasing decisions. The target audience is procurement, finance, treasury, and supply chain professionals who need the latest information on technology and the future of the ever-expanding digital world.

Pierre Mitchell, Spend Matters Chief Research Officer, refers to SolutionMap as a tool that “enables apples-to-apples comparisons between solutions that may look like varying fruits and vegetables to even advanced procurement, finance and supply chain organizations.”. A concept that strongly resonates with SupplHi’s approach towards the suppliers registered on our platform and that we pride ourselves in replicating throughout the development of our technology solution.

The press release on the 2022 Fall edition of Spend Matters SolutionMap can be read on their website, where you can also download a free copy of the SolutionMap.