In November 2017, AIPE and SupplHi signed an Agreement focused around’s innovative digital services.

AIPE (Associazione Italiana Pressure Equipment – is a non-profit association that groups the main Pressure Equipment Italian manufacturers together. Based on research and on the collaboration with Institutes, National and International Universities, AIPE has the purpose of promoting technological, scientific and economic development of its associates.

The focus of the agreement is to:

  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of the international standard for Pre-Qualification and Qualification of Vendors involved in the Energy sector, with a specific focus on the Pressure Equipment segment – e.g. through comments and discussions on the Standard Categorization, the Vendor Registration and Vendor Passport phases with AIPE’s members;
  • Promote the Vendor Registration [VR] and Vendor Passport [VP] services in order to increase the overall qualified visibility for AIPE’s members;
  • Promote the use by AIPE members of the SupplHi platform in Act as a Buyer [AB] mode: as a tool for the management of their sub-supplies (e.g. intermediate processing, raw materials, components, logistics, professional services, …), locally and globally – ensuring scouting of new suppliers, quality and compliance throughout the supply chain;
  • Promote the Projects Database [PD] as an operational and constantly updated global market intelligence tool, covering 5,000+ projects – both ongoing and in the planning phase – divided between the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil & Gas segments (including Fertilizers);

The goal is to provide AIPE Members with value-added tools to generate new business opportunitiesreduce costs and mitigate risks throughout the whole supply chain.

Luca Tosto, President of AIPE, commented “In 2015, we launched a Standard Qualification workgroup in order to provide further qualified visibility to our members and the new collaboration with SupplHi provides innovative digital and technical tools to make it happen, as well as the possibility to leverage on the constantly growing network of Buyers. Furthermore, the ability to utilize the Act as a Buyer [AB] to source our sub-supplies provides us with a solution to further optimize our resources and become even more competitive at a global scale”.

Federico Zanette, Italy-Croatia-Malta Sales & Marketing Manager at Lloyd’s Register, commented “The long term reputation of Lloyd’s Register has strengthened the relationship between the concerned parties by providing the highly skilled Assessors that execute the necessary steps of the Vendor Passport as an independent 3rd party assessment of all the Vendor’s capabilities to deliver complex goods and services.”

Giacomo Franchini, Director SupplHi, commented “The partnership with AIPE only furthers our growing relationship with the leading Pressure Equipment manufacturers in Italy and worldwide. We are committed to continuously working with the members of leading associations and AIPE is exactly this, with its members’ unique set of competences – to make the Vendor Passport an industry “must have”, facilitating the scouting and qualification process of Buyers worldwide.“

The members of AIPE are among the leading players in the Pressure Equipment arena for critical applications in the Oil&Gas, Nuclear, Power and other industries.

For more information, please contact us at and info@aipe.itfor direct contact with AIPE.