SupplHi is Partner of Bonatti Group in Supplier Qualification and New Vendor Scouting Processes.

SupplHi is proud to help Bonatti Group in identifying high quality vendors, especially for the New Countries approached by the company. SupplHi also collects and evaluates the required information in order to qualify Vendors’ “ability of doing” and guarantees the compliancy with regulations and corporate principles of quality and safety.

Bonatti has been one of the first international Buyer organizations to start leveraging, since 2015, on SupplHi’s innovative capabilities and online tools.

“We are extremely satisfied in leveraging on SupplHi for our Vendor Management Processes. The SupplHi platform started with a very accurate and structured product categorization, with a very good focus on our industries. Over the past two years new interesting functionalities were added, together with an always increasing number of vendor subscriptions” said Mr. Federico Lanzini, Projects Procurement Coordinator at Bonatti, and responsible for the Project Materials Qualification Process. “It is global and easy to use for all our colleagues spread around the globe, who only need an internet connection to access the service – even in the remote areas where we operate. We are among the first to truly believe in SupplHi and in the power of joint forces among Buyers to scout and select the best possible Vendors on a global and local level. This not only allows us to reduce costs but also to have a larger vendor arena, constantly updated, reliable and compliant with our quality and safety principles. However what I appreciated above all was the proactive approach adopted by the SupplHi Team, who was always available to support us in our day by day needs, and to consider all of our feedbacks as precious contributions to improve their Product, quickly reflecting them into new functionalities of the platform.”

Bonatti is a ~1 Billion Euro revenue International Integral Solution Provider in Oil & Gas field – through Engineering & Procurement, Construction, Constructability and Operations & Maintenance with activities in Kazakhstan, Algeria, Italy, Mexico, Mozambique, Romania, Libya, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Iraq with needs for local and international vendors.

Bonatti is one of the international Buyers that leverages on SupplHi’s 16,000+ vendors from 110+ countries at global level in the 2,250+ Categories of the SupplHi Standard Categorization (also matched with the internal categorization of each Buyer), covering all the needs of industrial plant engineering. Not only large Buyer organizations, but also manufacturers and service providers leverage on SupplHi to find their sub-contractors and sub-components providers.

For more information please visit the new Bonatti website. To start the Registration as a Vendor on SupplHi please follow this link. Contact the SupplHi Team at for any clarifications you may require on Bonatti’s Qualification process or on SupplHi’s services.