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The Vendor Qualification process is the evaluation of the suitability of a potential Vendor to deliver equipment and services in compliance with the Buyer Organization’s requirements. The information provided throughout the Questionnaire on SupplHi allows to candidate to Buyer-specific Qualifications. Most of the answers on SupplHi are shared among multiple Buyer organizations, letting Vendors save time and resources. Questionnaire on SupplHi is free-of-charge for any Vendor.

Unique Features

Shared among Buyers

Most of the answers the Questionnaire on SupplHi are shared among multiple Buyer organizations, letting Vendors save time and resources.

Gain international visibility

Gain an additional and free-of-charge commercial channel by completing and keeping updated your Qualification Questionnaire.

Take part to Buyer’s Qualification

Buyers evaluate Vendor candidacies based on the information that Vendors have provided in the Questionnaire and based on the eventual Assessment Visit.

Vendor Candidacy

Provide the information that are specific for the Buyer Qualification process (e.g. acceptance of Buyer’s Code of Ethics, Vendor Management T&Cs, …).

Notifications of updates required

SupplHi platform automatically tracks the expiry date of information provided and timely notifies the interested Vendor to update it.

Full traceability

The SupplHi platform ensures traceability of all activities related to the Registration process through a “Log of activities”.

Online monitoring

The percentual progress of the information to be provided by Vendors is tracked and made easily available online to the Buyers.

Free-of-charge for Vendors

Vendors do not pay any fee to SupplHi for the hosting and quality assurance of information that they provide to Buyers. This ensures inclusiveness to any Vendor in any part of the globe.

Know your Qualification status

Vendors monitor –at any time - the status of the Qualification process(es) with each Buyer organization.

Case Study

Client is a Heat Exchanger manufacturer with 70 years of experience in tailor-made solutions to the heavy industry.


The Vendor is well known in the industrial world with presence in multiple Vendor Lists. However, the Vendor is lacking visibility towards new Independent clients


The Vendor is re-launching the sales & marketing activities after a major company turnaround and is required to update all its Qualifications with Clients.


The Vendor promptly achieved 5 new Qualifications with international Independent End-Users relevant for its products and services.