Milan – Feb 4th, 2019

SupplHi as of February 2019 has achieved a new milestone by reaching 30.000 Vendors on its platform, covering 110 countries.

The Vendor base on SupplHi is constantly growing through new Buyer organizations that join the platform and invite their Vendors to the free-of-charge registration, through the self-candidacy of Vendors that learned about SupplHi online, and through the constant mapping of Vendors by the SupplHi Team of Market Analysts.

“We are extremely satisfied with this new achievement that is part of our commitment to constantly increase the coverage of Vendors that work in the Plant Engineering industry, across all geographies and all categories of supply.” – said Ali Fakher Eddine, Categorization Manager at SupplHi – “This is the result of a constant work of quality assurance that we perform on a daily basis, including the check on the existence and disambiguation of a Vendor through international providers of financial data. Moreover, such uniquely structured volume of information requires constant updates and continuous expediting to Vendors through our campaigns”.

In fact, the SupplHi Team puts continuous effort on further extending the quantity of Vendors present on the Vendor Management platform, ensuring constant quality of data made available to the Buyer organizations. This information is used by Buyer organizations to perform:

  • Vendor Scouting
  • Vendor Qualification
  • Vendor Performance Evaluation
  • Compliance checks through specialized data providers partners of SupplHi
  • Supply Chain Sustainability assessment

An overview of the distribution of the 30.000 Vendors from 100 geographies currently on SupplHi is provided in the map below that is also a proxy of the distribution of industrial Vendors globally:

All the Vendors on the platform have been associated to the relevant categories of supply from SupplHi’s unique Standard Categorization that covers 45 Groups, 250 Families and 2.500 Categories of supply. This represents the sharing of a common language in a highly diversified industrial value chain of equipment and services and helps Buyers and Vendors to avoid efficiency losses deriving from the co-existence of different nomenclatures which were born from the widespread practice of calling the same equipment or service with different names.

An illustration of the number of Vendors available across the 45 Groups of the SupplHi Standard Categorization is provided below. The size of each area is proportionate to the number of Vendors available on SupplHi.

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