SupplHi attended the Imperial College Oil and Gas Forum, where Director Giacomo Franchini had the privilege to share the stage with top executives from Oil&Gas industry giants such as Siemens’ Dresser Rand, BP and Centrica.

In his speech, Mr. Franchini outlined the key success factors for innovative startups in the Oil&Gas industry, namely Relevance, Reputation, Resilience and a Passion for Competences. In particular, he stressed how this is an “industry made of people”, where building trust and a well-known personal brand are mandatory steps on the way to achieving tangible results.

The event counted on the participation of 300+ Oil&Gas professionals and Engineering graduates, and of 20+ companies who set up a stage or were represented by a speaker. Other than the above-mentioned Siemens’ Dresser Rand, BP and Centrica, the companies represented were: Halliburton, Bechtel, Glencore, CGG, Victoria Oil & Gas, Fastnet Oil & Gas, AnTech, Accenture, KPMG, Reuters, Citigroup, Oil & Gas UK, the World Petroleum Council, The Geological Society, Institution of Engineering and Technology, StrategicFit and David Bodecott Consulting.