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A Buyer organization’s whole Sustainability model relies on the sustainability across its Supply Chain – that can represent up to 80% of the Buyer’s revenues – focusing on Vendors as well as Sub-Vendors. Sustainability is nowadays becoming a more and more relevant differentiating factor in the industrial value chain. Monitor the Sustainability performances of your Vendors and Sub-Vendors – covering Human Rights, Environment, Local Content, Ethics, Circular Economy – also through the presence of industry-specific metrics.

Unique Features

Specialist in industrial B2B

SupplHi is uniquely focused on the $900B / year market for B2B equipment and services, at global level. We care of the Sustainability of all Vendors that are relevant for B2B industrial supplies.

Linked to existing Standards

Sustainability is not something new and therefore the information provided by Vendors on SupplHi is linked to existing standards (e.g. Global Compact, Global Reporting Initiative, …)

Focus on Production locations

Supply Chain Sustainability information on Vendors are collected and processed at production location – particularly relevant in case of multinational companies with multi-plant product execution strategies.


Evaluate the Sustainability of Sub-Vendors (e.g. foundries, forges, …) that are among the most relevant actors for Sustainability efforts.

Global reach

SupplHi covers all industrial equipment and services-related Vendors, globally. This may require the involvement of the local offices of Partners, also able to verify on site some critical information – as per needs.

Local Content monitoring

Local Content is one of the key aspects of Supply Chain Sustainability in the industry – requiring constant monitoring of the initiatives of Vendors and Sub-Vendors.

Industry-specific metrics

Metrics to assess the Supply Chain Sustainability are dedicated to the industrial world and are specific by type of supply: e.g., logistics providers require focus on GHG, …

Increase awareness

SupplHi is leveraged by larger players, Manufacturers and Sub-Contractors to raise the level of awareness on Sustainability across all layers of the supply chain.

Free-of-charge for Vendors

The SupplHi Sustainability basic module has no costs for Vendors. The constant updated of information by Vendors is automatically notified when the information expires.

Case Study

Client is an international EPC Contractor covering the entire asset life cycle, from concept to decommissioning across a broad range of industries and with global operations.


Client is looking to strengthen its understanding of the Sustainability of its Vendor base, also to better satisfy End-Users’ requirements since the commercial phase.


Client recently added questions on Sustainability to its Qualification Questionnaire to Vendors – however, answers are not always complete and difficult to compare.


By adopting SupplHi, Client has immediate access to the information provided by Vendors on Sustainability (including its Sub-Vendors) and to the industry-specific metrics.