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The management of Vendor Lists is an activity performed daily by Buyer organizations to handle and compare multiple lists of Vendors (for example: Company Vendor List vs Projects’ Vendor Lists). Create, follow and share any type of List of Vendors on SupplHi, performing quick matching among them, as a productivity tool that saves precious time of internal resources and increases compliance

Unique Features

Company Master Vendor List

The Company Vendor List is automatically created by the SupplHi platform as a consequence of the Vendor Qualification process and is kept constantly updated with tracking of all changes.

Filtering to create a new List

Any user can create its own list by applying multiple filters, for example: by category of supply, by geography, by Financial data, by Certifications, by References, by Quality, HSE and Compliance parameters.

Template for List’s creation

Any user can upload a standard template filled with some basic information required to create a List and perform online the disambiguation of complex matches.

Manual creation of a List by SupplHi

The SupplHi Team is at your disposal - as an optional service - to manually create a List of Vendors starting from a raw file. This is particularly useful in case of PDF or XLS files of Project Vendor Lists.

Easy sharing of Lists

Export your List of Vendors as a PDF or as a XLSX file and share with colleagues on SupplHi. Colleagues can just visualize the list or also edit it.

Get notifications

Follow a List to get notified of changes: vendor in the list (deletion and addition) and new information available (Vendor Performance Evaluations, Financial and Compliance data).

Quick Lists’ comparison

Perform easy comparisons among Lists. For example, a Company Master Vendor List vs a Project Vendor List to understand the immediately degree of coverage.

Dynamic vs Static List

A dynamic list retains the exact search criteria that were in place when the list was saved. On the contrary, a static list retains the exact record Vendors that matched the criteria at the time the list was created.

Set relevance of Vendors

Users can set the relevance on each Vendor part of the List created. Three levels apply (High, Medium and Low) and can be modified at any time, with a tracking of the changes performed.

Case Study

Client is a leading international EPC Contractor in the Oil & Gas and Power industry with about 8.000 resources globally.


Client manages – across its organization – about 330 Vendor Lists per year, out of which 80% of them are needed in commercial phase to promptly support tendering.


Vendor Lists received in commercial phase from end-users are in multiple formats (PDF, XLS, Word, …) and complex to compare with the Company Master Vendor List of Client.


Through SupplHi, Client saves time and reduces costs by quickly creating, accessing and sharing among colleagues lists of Vendors and performing easy comparisons among them.