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The Vendor Performance Evaluation is the structured set of information relative to the Vendor’s performance during and after the procurement cycle for the delivery of specific equipment and services. Manage performance evaluation processes of your Vendors on SupplHi through effective surveys evaluated and approved by colleagues during the lifecycle of the supplies. The standard model is based on the best international practices in the industrial world and setup allows to better reflect your needs.

Unique Features

B2C-inspired simplicity

Simplicity in the logics, based on the SupplHi standard Performance Evaluation Model for the industrial world, with results that are trusted and made actionable.

Less time by colleagues

Shorter questionnaires to colleagues, embedded in a fast, easy to use digital tool. Less questions and less wording reduce time of Evaluators and Approvers compared to long questionnaires.

More observations

Perform Evaluations not only on purchase orders of the highest value, increasing the frequency of observations and have larger and more timely data.

“Real time” signalling

Prompt release of Evaluations once approved in each survey, without waiting for the full Evaluation cycle to be completed. Easy monitoring of the Evaluation process status and of the actors involved.

Effective utilization of the output

Leverage on the Vendor Evaluation for managerial decisions in next bids (e.g. in tabulation) also through the presence of managerial dashboards to read results at vendor, category, project and division level.

Automatization in the inputs

Easy system integration with data already available within your ERP (e.g. Delivery time, Non-Conformities, …) to increase observations and provide more inputs to Evaluators and Approvers.

Evaluation by Production Location

Evaluate the performance of the supplies by production location, giving you accurate information on performance evolution of a single production location of a Vendor – similarly to the Vendor Qualification process.

Evaluate sub-Vendors

Leverage on the “Points of Attention” (PoA) to evaluate the performance of sub-Vendors that are increasingly relevant for the management of your supply chain.

Evaluation at Vendor’s group level

Consolidate evaluations at Vendor’s group level – particularly relevant for multinational vendors able to deliver the same supply from different legal entities.

Case Study

Client is a global leader in EPC of complex projects, onshore and offshore in the Energy industry with operations in 60 countries.


Client has an existing internal tool to perform Vendor Evaluation after the placement of the purchase order that is too complex and produces outputs with low significance.


Multiple Divisions have different needs, highlighting willingness to use the output of the Vendor Performance Evaluation for short listing and tabulation in the next bids.


SupplHi reduces time of resources involved in the Evaluation and Approval of the performances of your Vendors as well as risks of using non-performing Vendors.