Maire Tecnimont Group is a leader in the transformation of natural resources – in particular, plant engineering in downstream oil & gas, with technological and execution competences. Through its subsidiary NextChem it operates in the field of green chemistry and the technologies to support the energy transition.

Maire Tecnimont Group, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, operates in about 45 countries, numbering around 50 operative companies and a workforce of approximately 6,500 employees, along with approximately 3,000 professionals in the electro-instrumental division.



Since 2013 – through the launch of the E2Y (e-Procurement 2 You) program – MET is continuously streamlining the key business Vendor Management processes. Five years after the adoption of a structured platform for Vendor Qualification purposes, MET is now aware of the strengths and weaknesses of its existing service model and of the need to “scale up” its perimeter, while reducing associated costs. In particular, the traditional model for Vendor Management is facing increasing business requirements, including the need for productivity enhancements across all actors and functions involved.

For example, there is a presence of an increasing business need to:

  • Quickly gather information of Vendors in new geographies and for new type of supplies;
  • Perform more Assessment Visits to better understand the real capabilities of the most critical Vendors;
  • Evaluate the Compliance strength of a Vendor leveraging on Sanction Lists, PEPs and Adverse Media;
  • Evaluate and monitor the Sustainability performance of Vendors, covering Environment, Social and Governance aspects;
  • Support the business line since commercial phase with matching of Vendor Lists with the company Master List.



In 2019, the launch of the Digital Transformation program of MET is being a unique opportunity to empower and speed up Vendor Management and the related decision making within a complex organization, maximizing productivity through improved processes’ efficiency to assure the delivery of projects on time and within costs. The digital strategy of MET is based on the selection and system integration of the best solution available on the market and to leverage – when possible – on business service models by the provider.



MET joined the SupplHi SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) for Vendor Management as a result of two years of intense co-design, based on a deep understanding of the Vendor Management needs of a large international group operating in the Engineering & Construction industry.

A series of Proof-of-Concepts (POCs) have been carried out, involving resources from different disciplines within the organization.



The SupplHi solution allows MET’s Vendor Management to increase the level of efficiency and to “scale up” the perimeter of the existing service model, while strongly reducing associated costs.

As a result, all Vendor Management activities – through SupplHi – are integrated in a single platform that already incorporates all the strengths of the MET model for Vendor Management developed so far.

In particular, the adoption of SupplHi delivers – for the entire MET Group and for all purchases requiring the issue of a Purchase Order- improvements to the current Vendor Qualification (VQ) process, the introduction of a new, well-structured Vendor Performance Evaluation (VPE) process as well as additional integrated functionalities (e.g. easy management of Lists of Vendors).