About Fincantieri Group

Fincantieri Group (€6 billion revenues, 20.000 employees across 18 yards) is one of the world’s largest shipbuilding groups, global Italian leader in cruise ship design, reference player in all high-tech shipbuilding industry sectors, from naval to offshore vessels, as well as production of systems and component equipment for mechanical and electrical segments, from cruise ship interiors solutions, electronic and software systems, to infrastructures and maritime constructions, as well as after-sales services.




The Supplier base of the entire Group is made of around 12.000 suppliers, it is global (with a high incidence in Italy, Norway and Romania) and present in multiple ERP systems. Only the main Company of the Group (Fincantieri S.p.A.) has a dedicated supplier portal, while supply chain synergies might arise across any business of the Group.

In fact, the Fincantieri Group is now composed of around 40 controlled Companies that operate across multiple and differentiated businesses (shipbuilding, interiors, port infrastructure, cyber-security, production of systems and component equipment, …).


Suppliers represent a strategic stakeholder and, through the e-NGAGE Program – started in 2021 – the Fincantieri Group is consolidating the information of its Supplier base, globally. The streamlining of the vendor registration and qualification processes represent a first step before creating more innovation around Supplier Management.

Therefore, Fincantieri was looking for a dedicated system to efficiently and compliantly manage their global Supplier base, as a single point-of-entry and single point-of-truth for all the Suppliers across multiple ERPs and across all the Companies of the Group.


SupplHi has been selected for its unique digital Supplier Management SaaS, standard model – yet highly configurable – and industrial B2B network that further increases efficiency and compliance and reduces costs in Supplier Management.

The implementation of the SupplHi solution within the e-NGAGE Program represents a strategic cross-functional and cross-Company project and it includes the system integration with Fincantieri’s SAP and other systems (tendering system, …). 


The e-NGAGE Program went live in September 2021 with three companies of the Group (“Selected Companies”) and during 2021 and 2022 will be gradually rolled out to the entire Group:

  • Fincantieri SI S.p.A.
  • Marine Interiors S.p.A.
  • Marine Interiors Cabins S.p.A.

SupplHi is the single and mandatory gateway for Vendor Qualification for all the Selected Companies of Fincantieri Group, in order to be involved in tenders and in potential order awards.

If you are a Supplier interested in working with the Fincantieri Group, please follow these simple steps: 

  • Sign In on https://vendor.supplhi.com and fill in the available registration questionnaire, till 100% of completion; 
  • Once the registration is confirmed, apply to Fincantieri Group’s Qualification process; 
  • Complete the Qualification Questionnaire that is specific for your categories of supply. 

Through SupplHi – a standard industry tool for Supplier Management – potential Suppliers save time by not providing multiple times the same information, that can be leveraged on also by other Buyer organizations that are active on the SupplHi platform.