Innovo Engineering & Construction Ltd. is a UK-based engineering, construction and equipment rental company. Innovo supports the Oil & Gas, Renewables and Marine industries with custom-designed and rental products, including jack-up systems, modular pontoons and cable laying equipment such as a powered reel drive system, spooler and modular carousel system.


The situation

Innovo is looking to quickly enlarge its base of Qualifications with international Buyers, especially in the Oil & Gas Offshore and Marine sectors.


SupplHi’s approach

The Assessment Visit at Vendor’s premises is the activity required by Buyer organizations for the Qualification of Vendors delivering the most critical equipment or services. It involves all aspects of the business – beyond existing Certifications and Standards – and it can be performed by Buyer’s internal resources or sub-contracted to an independent 3rd party. The Assessment Visit at Vendor’s premises requested by a Vendor is carried out by a third independent agency with global footprint and technical capabilities.


The results

The Assessment Visit for Innovo has been performed by Lloyd’s Register, a leading independent 3rd party at Innovo’s production locations. The Assessment Visits Report has been shared on SupplHi platform with the Buyer organizations that leverage on SupplHi for their Qualification processes. Findings of the Assessment Visit have been discussed and formalized with Innovo and became part of its Continuous Improvement process.
Through the Assessment Visit realized by a 3rd independent party and made visible on SupplHi to multiple Buyer organizations, the Vendor increased its global reach.